We are very excited and grateful for all the media attention we have been getting lately, a great encouragement and reminder that social enterprise is something people are beginning to care more and more about. Especially excited to find the interview Celia Staton made with us has been featured on "Escape the City" blog. Escape the city is a platform setup to help people connect with exciting non-corporate opportunities.


It was very exciting to see all the families arrive so early on a sunny Saturday morning. The kids are all psyched and ready to get down to work and start planting (which is also the case with our own kids). They were a bit restless as we told them to do some prep work for the event. 

Before we started planting, first there was a presentation on the role of trees on our planet, and how we should plant and take care of them. Reminding the kids of their role as stewards of the planet. They all screamed and laughed when they saw our mystery guest who came out to play with them.

After the presentation the MC led all the children over to the planting site, they lined up for their saplings, and got down to work. It was quite a site to see all the little people kneel down to plant with their parents. After they finished, I went over to inspect them and if they had planted properly, give them their certificate of tree planting. 

The event finished around noon, I am sure all the participants had a super time. Many parents told us please to notify them again the next time we do it. I think there is something really significant about letting kids know their roles as stewards of the planet, and that they, even at their young age can do something for the planet and benefit of others. 

I was especially moved (to tears actually) by the sight of my boys planting. Because I had been so busy helping out the other families, I was not able to plant with them, instead of nagging me to plant with them, they were off planting by themselves, and even helping other people with their planting. I thought to myself, this is why we do DOMI, so that our kids can learn to be servants for others and the world, and take an active part to plant and build something better. 


The core team got together last weekend for two days of review and strategizing. Always really energetic and fun when everyone gets together from across Taiwan to review work, sync and talk strategy. This time was especially heated as different members pitched their vision and ideas for future steps and blue prints.

Highlight of the day included Corey giving everyone a talk about his new research into the effects rise of CO2 levels and it's effect to the climate. One thing we particular like about these meetings is the family-ness in DOMI, aside from kids playing along in the meeting room, and how everyone laughs and jokes, really enjoying one another's company. This is what DOMI is about. People who are driven and skilled pooling their talents and efforts to do something that's bigger then all of us. 


What drew us to B Corporation was it's slogan "B the Change", how similar that was to the "CHANGE" we are always talking about for DOMI. In the beginning we just knew we wanted to start a company together to do something for our home, improve the environment around us. It was only later after a lot of discussion this is now a up and coming trend called Social Enterprise. 

Two of our core team members Brandon and David actually brought up B Corporation during a meeting (without knowing the other had it in their presentation). Filling out the online assessment took quite a while, but it was helpful tool, not only to complete the assessment, but also for us to examine our actions and approach to meeting the requirement to be a business that was truly good for the world. 

Corey and David were nervous about the Skype review call with B Lab Asian representative based in HK, not knowing what to expect. We think we scared the reviewer a little bit with our enthusiasm and passion. But she was super helpful and nice. 

After the review call there was submission of more documents and further reviews with both the Asian and broader international team, until they notified that we were approved to receive the B Corporation certification, the first company to do so in Taiwan! 

To be honest, we are both psyched and a little surprised that we are the first company in Taiwan to become a certified B Corporation. David and Tammy both think that now we are B Corp-ers, we need to engage other people also to join this meaningful global movement!


From director James Cameron, starring Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, Thomas Friedman, Matt Damon, is a new documentary on the status of the planet, going beyond what Al Gore introduced to the world about climate change in An Inconvenient Truth to what is happening around the world today, how draught is a cause of the revolution in Syria, and Indonesia actually contributes 4% of all CO2 emission in the world. 

The Showtime original series is a breakthrough in documentary filmmaking,  where director James Cameron brings his cinematic mastery to bring our attention to the important issue of Climate Change.


I was so happy my third child, first daughter Phoebe came into the world on May 1st, because we had wanted a daughter for so long, God finally answered our prayers, and blessed with a healthy and beautiful girl. I am also very thankful that she was born on May 1st so I wouldn't miss our first tree planting on May 3rd, after so much anticipation and planning, it was great to be able to be there with the team to experience it first hand. 

I had my boys dressed the night before, so I could save time the next morning. The sight was in HsinChu which means a 3.5 hours drive, which meant we had to leave the house at 5:15. To my surprise as soon as I said "Get up, it's time to go tree planting", they had burst out of bed and walked to the door to wait for me. 

We had viewed tree planting to be somewhat sacred and serious, since it's the reason why we are doing this together. But on the day, everyone one was so excited, and glad to see each one, with the team working separately across Taiwan most of the time, we are happy to be together. Happy to report that our trees were planted with much joy and love. We all shared how we loved how "real" it was! Planting the trees with our very own hands. 

What was most meaningful for me, was being able to do it with my boys, seeing how excited they were, that they get to have this as a part of their memory. As they grow up, the trees we planted that day are also growing, one day they can go back and see how their tree had grown so tall they can stand underneath it for shade. 

Since that day my boys have been asking me quite often when we are going to go tree planting again. 

Benifit Of Planting trees

A tree provides the oxygen for 2 people to live for a year.

The average electricity consumption for a shop(or an office) is about 12,000 kWh per year, which needs 3,500 trees to absorb the carbon emission.

Invited to Speak at SEWF 2015


Customer’s Story

Thank you for all your support, participation, your contribution, and encouragement, help all of us moving forward.

Customer’s Story

Thank you for all your support, participation, your contribution, and encouragement, help all of us moving forward.

By restoring an old house, Impact Hub created a home for innovators

“Impact Hub is DOMI, DOMI is Impact Hub.’’ Oliver, Co-founder of Impact Hub Taipei says. Impact Hub is a co-working space, DOMI is a green energy social enterprise. How did they come together?

The first Impact Hub opened in central London in early 2005, now there’re in more than 77 locations all over the world. In 2015, a group of youth brought this idea back to Taipei. Their core value is innovate and connect, providing a space for professionals to exchange ideas and start up their companies, and becoming part of the global network.

“A dollar in exchange for a dollar, we are no better off; yet an idea in exchange for an idea, we both have 2 ideas.” Wendy says.

The Impact hub team transformed this old house in Da-an area into a co-working space, which is also available for non-hubbers to book for both private and public events. In particular, the name of each space is associated with innovation. For example, first floor is called “ Green house”, which means everyone is like an unique seedling that will become an innovator here;ground floor is called “Caffeine Station”, which means that we’ll keep coming up with great ideas with caffeine supply.

As you look around Impact Hub Taipei, you’ll notice that DOMI’s LED lights brighten up the whole co-working space. 

Actually, Oliver met Brandon( the co-founder of DOMI) at a social entrepreneurship course. Oliver didn’t know anything about LED, but he decided to let DOMI convert Impact Hub to all LED lights after Brandon explained him the benifits of that. 
“At that moment, the interior designer was really impressed with quality of DOMI’s LED lights, and he even bought 200 light tubes from DOMI himself.” This made Oliver trust DOMI a lot.

Both Impact Hub and DOMI want to provide a “home” for us: one is for social innovators to feel like home, the other is to protect the earth, which is our only home. They all believe that, together, we can create the highest value for our society and make an impact.


European Pie’s aim of sustainablility

As you walk in to the European Pie restaurant in Sanduo Shopping District, the first thing you see is an intricately carved staircase and classical music is playing; there are bookshelves lean against wall, delicate china colection and coffee beans in the cupboard with a peaceful and elegant ambience.

European Pie was a traditional European restaurant founded by a British couple, now the owner of the restaurant still provides the cuisine and service with best quality after 21 years.

They always care about the environment, so they not only purchased an oil-mist separator and an oil-water separator but also use local ingredients and eco enzymatic cleaner. Also, they collect and reuse the wastewater from reverse osmosis water system to water flowers and clean. They heard about DOMI this February, and decided to change LED lights to save energy and improve the environment.

“No matter food ingredient suppliers or equipment suppliers, we all chose them with highest standards and spent lots of time to communicate before long-term commitment and cooperation. There was no exception with DOMI, it took nearly 3 months to discuss with their gardeners about the light tone and the color temperature of lights, testing and adjusting the sample lighting. But it was all worth it, in the end it took only 2 days for the installation of LED with all the employees.”

After replacing 20-watt fluorescent light bulbs to 6-watt LED light bulbs, they save 478 kWh and NT $2,765 per month, and the heat of lights is much lower as well. Nowadays, LED lighting is available for a variety of color properties, so people can choose the lights suit their needs, such as different color, light value, etc. 

However, what impressed Mr. Huang the most was DOMI’s service attitude. "I really appreciate the entrepreneurs who have the same that I do. Everyone in DOMI team is passionate and professional. Furthermore, they responded to my requests patiently, also provide a great after-sales service and warranty that I trust.” 

When most of the restaurant culture are about productivity and popularity, European Pie cares about the quality of food, the style of their restaurant, and environmental conservation. This demonstrates that there are more and more people take action to help the earth, and European Pie is leading this green movement with other restaurants! 



The Green Movement Is Going Mainstream: 70-year-old Mrs. Ma

Mrs. Ma retired from Kaohsiung Women Association more than 2 decades ago. Her grandchildren are already in university so she doesn’t need to take care of them; during her free time, she invites her friends to her home or attend the activities in the church. She’s having a relaxed yet interesting life.

She saw DOMI’s Green promoting booth in an exhibition that was held by the church. It reminded Mrs. Ma how human activity has damaged the earth, meanwhile, she supported the action that DOMI encourages customers buying green products and plant trees with their revenue. She was deeply moved about what DOMI has been doing and she asked what she could do to help the environment.     

“ I know the price of LED lights is higher than the traditional ones, but I trust DOMI and the benefits of saving energy that they told me. So I converted all the lights at home without hesitating.” Speaking of this, Mrs Ma was smiling and bursting with energy, and then she pointed out the places that she has changed the lights, which showed her satisfaction with this decision.

Mrs. Ma said, the installation of LED lights finished the end of last year. She took DOMI’s advice of replacing 40-watt fluorescent light bulbs to 20-watt LED light bulbs in the living room, replacing 23-watt CFL to 9-watt LED light bulbs in the bathroom as well as in the rooms and kitchen. Her home is much brighter after converting to LED lights.


Her electric bill has reduced NT$ 2,000, compared to last summer( NT$ 8,000). Except learning about how to choose lights, Mrs. Ma was happy about saving money and she has witnessed the efficiency of LED lights. Moreover, when Mrs. Ma invited her friends to watch movies at her home, LED lights illuminate indoor spaces with a soft glow that made them relaxed.

Because of changing the lights, Mrs Ma got to understand more about DOMI and she was grateful about what a social enterprise does. She said:” A team like DOMI didn't even exist in my generation, we must support this kind of great spirit and I’ll keep buying their products.” 

Though Mrs. Ma is 70-year-old, she is very open-minded and energetic. She not only keeps up with the times, but also shares the words with her friends to join this green movement!