Inspired by the thousands of social movements that have come before, DOMI is motivated by the promise of a new social contract – a new sense of responsibility and common bond – both across borders and generations.

Today, we're looking for the movement drivers that can bring what we do to the farthest reaches of the globe. We're looking for people who will take the movement forward by:

  1. Moving People from Compassion to Action – we use behavioral nudges and a sense of teamwork to make “Gardeners” out of everyday people.

  2. Keeping it Simple – Once someone’s decided to make a change, it should be effortless to get what they need. Because people should be thinking about more important things than which light bulbs to buy.

  3. Taking Pride out into the Community, reminding individuals of their power to enact change and providing them with a few simple tools to do just that.

  4. Insisting on the Right Action at the Right Time – As better ways of saving energy and protecting the planet become available, DOMI will be there as a guide. We update people only when there’s relevant action to take.

If you believe what we believe, and are ready to become a champion for our planet, we invite you to reach out.


Using Business as a Force for Good

DOMI is proud to be a leader in the global B-Corp network and the first certified in Taiwan. Since then – way back in 2014 – we’ve been joined by so many incredible business leaders all throughout Asia. We’re excited to continue to drive this movement as it matures and its ideas gain mainstream adoption in businesses and governments around the world.