We believe...

...that everyone is on a journey to sustainability, even if they don't know it yet. For those who "get it," we'll help them move from awareness to action and remind them of their power to drive the movement.  

  1. Change – Realign attitudes toward the problems we face. It's up to all of us to restore a healthy environment, and action is needed now.
  2. Action – Give everyone the information and tools they need to make changes at home.
  3. Ripple – Empower individuals to take pride in taking action, to exercise their voice, and to drive the movement.

How We Work for Change

DOMI means home.

So we start there. We start with the simplest, most actionable steps so that a change-of-heart is followed immediately by a real world change. We guide families to these energy-saving solutions and support them with the products they need to get the job done. We cultivate meaningful conversations within the home and help families take pride in taking action.

But it won't be a movement if it never leaves the house.

While individual action is the foundation of change, its individuals' relationships to one another that are the catalysts. 


When we leave the house for the day, we don't stop being individuals even as we adopt our roles as business leaders, taxpayers, and community members. Each of the relationships we build gives us an opportunity to have conversations about the things that really matter. 

Wherever there are people looking to make a change for climate, DOMI is there, too. 

For communities, companies, and organizations, DOMI provides the spark, the kindling, and the oxygen of change, leading large group facilitations and change-management projects. We are a trusted advisor for corporate leaders and elected officials – people who have jobs to do, who care about their communities' futures, and who need to drive change at all levels. 

Bringing it all together

The DOMI platform uses the tools of business and a focus on generating value for customers to support individuals, organizations, and communities at every stage of their journey to sustainability. We align the actions of many ecosystem players by empowering them each to push the movement forward. 

    If this makes sense to you, we should talk.

    DOMI is looking for exceptional individuals in cities around the globe to be movement drivers in their own communities. We invite you to get in touch so we can talk about driving the change we need... together.