What’s the difference between DOMI and other brands?

DOMI is neither a LED company nor a green energy company. DOMI is a social enterprise that cares about not only our own profits, but also the environment and clients. We aim to engage our clients and the public to be aware of our environmental damage, and make the world a better place together.


Where do DOMI’s LED lights come from? How’s the quality?

We choose the LED lights suppliers who meet our high standards and are willing to do good to the society. Also, we provides longer warranty which demonstrates our confident with the products.


Is quality the same for all LED lights?

Of course not. The quality of LED lights are diverse with uneven infomation on the market, which makes it difficult for customers to choose the best products. That’s why DOMI team put lot of effort to select all kinds of LED lights with high standards for you.


Should we worry about damage to our eyes with blue light?

DOMI only provides the IEC62471 certified products that don’t emit UV ray, infrared radiation or blue light damage. In fact, the research of US Energy Department indicates that, traditional lighting and LED lighting are generally contain equivalent amouts of blue light.


The prices of LED keep on reducing, should I buy it now?

The cost of LED is about 30% of total cost, if it reduces 10% every year, total cost will be 18.13% lower in 5 years. The money you save on electricity bill after changing to LED lighten, is definitely much more than that.


Why there are some very cheap LED lights?

There’re cheaper LED lights for sure, yet the quality isn’t as good as DOMI’s. LED isn’t just a consumable good, its safety and quality are more important. It’s more expensive if there’s a frequent malfunction, and LED lights with low quality also damage your eyes.


Is it difficult to install LED lights?

Don’t worry. DOMI has already chosen the LED lights that can be installed easily. The way to install most of the LED lights is actually the same like installing traditional lighting. We provide the installation instructions as well. You can also contact us with 0800-800-182 if you need extra installation services.


Can I convert my home to 100% LED lighting?

In most cases, you only need to change LED light bulbs or light tubes. If you are not sure about the light fittings, you can contact us with 0800-800-182.

Different product has different warranty period, how does it work?

You’ll have invoices for all the products purchased, and you can claim the warranty with invoices.


What’s your refund and exchange policy?

Items must be returned within 7 days of purchase. Please follow the return instructions on the website.


What’s the benefits of planting trees?

1. Everyone needs to reduce his own carbon footprint by planting 24 trees per year. The average electricity consumption for a shop or an office is about 12,000 kWh per year, which requires planting 3,500 trees.
2. Trees purify the air, supply 80% of earth’s oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. 


How to choose tree species?

With expert’s suggestions, DOMI chooses Taiwanese species that suits the local climate and lands. Such as River Oak, Delonix regia, Formosan Michelia and Koelreuteria elegans.


How did you get the lands?

At this moment, they’re mostly from those kind people who supports our idea and sponsor for free. We signed the contracts about tree right and maintenance. And we’ll have a contract extension or move the trees when it’s terminate.


How do you maintain the trees?

1. Maintained by locals with the contract.
2. Engage volunteer gardeners to maintain the trees on an irragular basis.


What to do if the lights don’t work?

There’s warranty for each product. Please contact us with 0800-800-182( 24-hour service) if you have any question.


When will the products be sent and how long does delivery take?

Gernerally, we’ll sent out the products in the afternoon of the purchasing day or the second day morning, and orders are delivered within 2 working days.


Why you didn’t inform us when it’s out of stock?

We usually have enough stock. It means there’s a big order if it’s out of stock, we’ll replenish it as soon as possible. Sorry for your inconvenience.


How long does it take to receive my refund?

After comfirmation, you’ll receive it within 7 working days.