Do solar panels work when it’s cloudy?

Solar panels generate a little bit electricity on a cloudy day, but solar panels produce less than 50 % of electricity compared to a sunny day.


Does it generate electromagnetic wave or noise?

It doesn’t make any noise when solar power system works.
As for electromagnetic wave, its magnetic field strength is like home appliances( such as computer), which is below the limit recommended by Environmental Protection Administration Exective Yuan R.O.C( Taiwan);All electromagnetic radiation devices must meet international electromagnetic interference restrictioin.


How much electricity do solar panels produce for a year?

The average is about 1,250 kWh per year in Taiwan, but it varies from area to area.


How much does a solar electric power system cost?

It depends on the solar panels, materials, the way of installation, and extra service. It costs approximately NT$ 60,000-100,000 for a 1kW solar electric system in Taiwan.


Will I earn money by investing solar electric power system? How long should a payback period be?

To promote the solar electric power system, there is a Taiwan government scheme offering payment with a fixed rate for the energy that you produce. As for the payback period, take Chiayi area( average 1,259 kWh/kWp per year) for example. If you install a 5 kW solar electric system, its cost is about NT$ 500,000. And it generates around 6,295 kWh per year, which means the payback period is about 12 years according to the rate in 2,014.


Will Taiwan Power Company really buy electricity from me?

Unless there isn’t enough feeders or other incidents. Basically, Taiwan Power Company will definitely buy electricity from you if nothing againsts the regulations.

The contract with Taiwan Power Company lasts for 20 years, what happens next?

Sign another contract with Taiwan Power Company, but the duration will be 5 years, and the rate will be based on that year.


How much space do I need for a solar photovoltaic system?

In bright sunlight, a square foot of a conventional photovoltaic panel will yield 10 watts of power. That’s a helpful rule of thumb for calculating a rough estimate of how much area you might need. For example, a 1000 watt system may need 100 – 200 square feet of area, depending on the type of PV module used.

How long does installation take?

For a 10 kW solar electric system, after finishing system design and preparation for materials. It takes 1-2 weeks for system installation, and 2-3 months for paper work. 


Is there any requirements for the building?

It must be a legal building with building and land ownership certificate or land registration transcript. If the applicance of rooftop solar isn’t the owner of the building, you must provide the letter of consent from the owner of the building;If the applicance of ground-mounted solar isn’t the owner of the land, you must provide the letter of consent from the owner of the land.


How do I maintain the solar energy panels?

Its energy efficiency will be affected if there's too much dust or bird droppings, so you need to clean it with water about once a month or once every two months.


What’s the lifespan of a solar panel?

Most of the warranty for a solar panel is over 20 years. Its electric generation efficiency will still be at least 80% after 20 years. 


What’s the grant ‘’Million Rooftop PVs” solar energy scheme from Taiwan government?

Taiwan government amortizes the grant with the wholesale electricity purchase policy instead of giving all the grant at once. For more details, please check out the Million Rooftop PVs website.